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Christiane Viljoen


Christiane Viljoen obtained her Bachelor of arts Honours in Psychology degree, with distinction from Varsity College. Her counseling journey at the Counselling Centre began when she joined the team as part of the apprenticeship programme in 2021. The apprenticeship programme created a bridge between the theory taught in university and the reality of the world in which this theory is applied.

Christiane is passionate for her clients and encourages their development of personal insight and hopes to equip them with tools to assist them on their journey.

The knowledge, skills and experiences Christiane has gained during her psychological studies and life’s ventures has shaped and enabled her to view the world differently and utilize her strengths in innovative and creative ways. and has provided her with the power of understanding and an empathy for adversity.

Christiane truly feels that she has been called to this field. This presents itself through the experiences she has had and her undeniable draw to help others.

“Over the course of my experience of the apprenticeship programme, I was not only provided with valuable information regarding the working world of the mental health care profession; the application of theory; and provided with tools in order to utilize the theory; but, also was introduced to the incredible and diverse community that Counselling Centre services.”

Christiane Viljoen
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