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Leigh Garlick


Leigh has always had a strong desire to reach out and provide a helping hand to those around her and wanted to pursue a career where she could provide meaningful work and create positive change in the lives of others. She went on to obtain her Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Psychology, with distinction, at Rhodes University.

Throughout the course of her studies, Leigh gained great insight into the theory of psychology but was left still lacking the practical application of it. For this reason, Leigh chose to join the Counselling Centre Apprenticeship Program. She was in search of an apprenticeship that would effectively bridge the gap between theory and application, which is exactly what the Counselling Centre Apprenticeship Program has done for her.

Not only has the Apprenticeship Program begun to equip Leigh with practical application of psychology and counselling but, it has encouraged her to recognise her existing passion and skills, and has allowed her to develop them further through the practical knowledge and experience that she is gaining. Leigh hopes to continue using this knowledge and experience to help those around her and to create positive change.

Leigh Garlick
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